November 25, 2019

The American Green Bank Consortium is a group of 18 green banks and clean energy financing organizations sharing a similar mission and operating for the public benefit. These organizations work as a collective to expand and accelerate innovative clean energy investment across the United States. Growth Opps joined The American Green Bank Consortium as the 16th green bank with the launch of the GO Green Energy Fund.

The United States is currently facing the country’s greatest unemployment crisis since the Great Depression. The country is also feeling the impact of the looming climate crisis. The American Green Bank Consortium and Growth Opps support legislation that creates a Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator, as envisioned in the National Climate Bank Act of 2019 to deploy funds to organizations such as Growth Opps. It is estimated that the Accelerator – which has been passed twice by the US House of Representatives already — could create 5 million jobs to build clean energy infrastructure by mobilizing hundreds of billions of dollars of public and private investment in a range of clean energy projects. These same projects present an opportunity to bring equity into renewable energy implementation in low- and moderate-income communities.

“The opportunity to bring clean, innovative solutions to neighborhoods in the city that have historically received marginal investment, to ultimately and directly benefit the residents, is an extraordinary honor,” said Michael Jeans Growth Opps President & CEO.

”We are delighted to have the GO Green Energy Fund as a new member of the American Green Bank Consortium,” said Alex Kragie, Director of the American Green Bank Consortium. “Green banks have caused over $5b in investment across the country, and we are already enjoying working with Michael and his team to bring jobs, bill savings for communities most in need, and clean energy production to Cleveland and greater Cuyahoga County.”


About Growth Opps
At Growth Opportunity Partners (“Growth Opps”), we offer community development capital, services and solutions to growing small businesses, primarily located in underserved, low and moderate income (LMI) communities in Ohio. GO Advisory accesses industry expertise and diverse talent to provide the solutions you need to address challenges your company faces. GO Capital is tailored to fund your business model when you need it. Growth Opps established the GO Green Energy Fund using a Green Bank model that can deploy mission-driven capital to support small-scale commercial, community and industrial solar project development in Ohio.

About The American Green Bank Consortium
The American Green Bank Consortium is a project of CGC. Created in 2018, the Consortium is a membership organization enabling Green Banks, capital providers, developers and other clean energy supporters to work together. The Consortium creates value for members through services including facilitating the sharing of knowledge among Green Banks and working with capital providers to design blended clean energy investment vehicles that work at scale across the entire network of Green Banks.